20 FT Tow Strap

πŸš— INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH PERFORMANCE: 30,180 POUND PULL RATING, RoofPax Straps help you with towing vehicles, moving debris, and pulling equipment with the straps, including your own vehicle. With these 20ft long straps you will never get stuck. They functionality is superior to chains as they are Safer and easier to use.
πŸš— MULTI PURPOSE TOWING STRAPS: Save yourself some trunk space and keep these 4 in 1 TRIPLE REINFORCED END LOOPS straps in your car. These 20 feet long straps are the ultimate essential gear equipment you need to own. They can be used as both a recovery tow strap or tow strap. From pulling cars to moving equipment and towing other cars. These straps have never failed.
πŸš— FREE BONUS: Heavy Duty Drawstring bag for free to store other tools and equipment. These straps also include protective sleeve to prolong its life and to reduce the wear and tear on the straps.
πŸš— DURABILITY: These straps are made of a polyester and silk 80/20 blend that aids in the durability and strength of the straps. RoofPax 20’ ft. Straps complement other towing tools such as axle straps, shackles or hooks, you will be able to pull anything! Whether you’re camping, off-roading in the middle of nowhere. Being alone in the backcountry could quickly become very dangerous, especially if they’re not prepared for unseen events. We always encourage our outdoor enthusiasts to make sure t
πŸš— 100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: At RoofPax, we proudly stand behind our products; If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your strap, please contact us and we will make it right for you.


At RoofPax, we provide our fellow travelers and adventurers with a 20 ft. tow strap to assist them if they or another vehicle ever needs a tow while off-roading, driving through treacherous conditions, or getting their vehicle out of any other sticky situation. Our straps are rated to pull up to 30,180 pounds and are made of an 80/20 percent blend of polyester and silk for maximum durability. We offer a 100 percent lifetime satisfaction guarantee on our straps, so if you aren’t satisfied with your 20 ft. tow strap, please contact us and we promise we will make it right.


3″ X 20 feet Long Recovery / Tow Strap
30,180 Lbs Breaking Strength!
Heavy-Duty Protective Sleeves
Triple Reinforced Loop Ends
Exclusive Poly/Silk Webbing 80/20
lightweight, compact and has the perfect size
HOW RECOVERY STRAPS WORK: The 3 inch 20 foot Towing Straps have multiple uses, for example pulling out a stuck vehicle by attaching recovery strap to the back of your vehicle and then to the front of the stuck vehicle. As you drive away from the stuck vehicle, the recovery strap stretches just enough to the point where it becomes stressed enough to create kinetic energy for resistance. The strap then naturally wants to release all the stress to go back to its normal shape, by way of transferring the energy to the stuck vehicle, it will safely start pulling out.

Tips for Recovery Strap Best Use

Inspect your straps (make sure it is in good condition, no cuts, frays, or broken stitching.)
Make sure you are using trusted hardware such as the RoofPax D-ring Shackles.
Do not attach a recovery strap to another vehicle with a knot.
You must pass one end of the 20 ft strap through the loop at the other end of the strap.
Remove all logs and large rocks from the recovery path to protect the strap from tears,
For safety measures, Everyone MUST s

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4.9 pounds

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11.4 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches

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