Shackle Hitch Receiver

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● DUAL HITCH PIN HOLES: Gives the best flexibility to connect the D ring shackle hitch receiver horizontally or vertically, this all depends on the application and the purpose of the project.
● FITS ALL 2″ RECEIVERS: RoofPax D-ring shackle hitch receiver fits all standard 2″ receivers comfortably with no hassle or struggle.
● RUST-PROOF – The black powder coating provides durable and strong protection against the hardest of conditions.RoofPAx Hitch receiver is anticorrosive with electro-galvanized steel for added durability.
● HEAVY DUTY STEEL – via robotically welded for superior strength provide excellent mounting facility, high quality hardware fittings, all make this adjustable trailer hitch more durable.
● 100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: At RoofPax, we proudly stand behind our products; If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we will make it right for you.


RoofPax Hitch Receivers are made for many functionalities to serve you in the most emergency situations such as:

1. When vehicles get stuck while off-roading. Especially when you go through a mud you and endup stuck. 2. When vehicles get stuck in a snow storms or getting derailed or end up in a ditch filled with snow.

Whatever the situation may be, these shackle hitch receivers are made to help many outdoors enthusiasts to ensure they are always safe and can rely on a strong anchor to hook up to their vehicle.

SPECIFICATIONS: Black Heavy duty steel, black powder coated 10.8 x 5.7 x 2.5 inches Maximum capacity: 31,000 lbs. Can pull impressive weight loads with ease Hitch pin hole: 5/8″ D-ring size: 3″ Fit for most 2” tow receiver towing weight capacity of 31,000 lbs. can be easily installed and mostly used on trucks, jeeps, and SUVs and turning your vehicle into a towing machine

Package Includes:
● 1x Solid Receiver Hitch .
● 1x 3″ Shackle + Safety Pin.
● Pin Securing Clip.
● 4 Silicone Protective O-Ring.

Being prepared for the worst is better than no preparation at all. This is one of the reasons why many people will get a top-quality truck hitch like this one which boasts a considerably high towing weight capacity. Comes furnished with a black powder coating which will keep it safe from the weather and corrosion, and a price which everybody can afford. If you are simply looking to get a great deal on a truck shackle hitch this should be one of your top choices!

How Shackle Hitch Receiver Works: RoofPax Shackle hitch receivers are used together with either a recovery strap, tow strap or snap strap or winch cable.

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7.38 pounds

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10.8 x 5.7 x 2.5 inches

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7.38 pounds

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