Rooftop Cargo Carrier Straps

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πŸš— USE ROOFTOP CARGO CARRIER STRAPS For MAXimum Safely Tying Down any Car Top Cargo – NO MORE STRAPS GOING THROUGH THE INSIDE OF YOUR CAR, Which may be VERY dangerous and illegal in some states as inside strap tying might obstruct the Air-Bag from inflating properly. Setting the Patent Pending, RoofPax hooks create a strong loop to which you can tie down any straps of Roof Cargo Bag or any other Car Top Cargo from now on!
πŸš— HOOKS – IN, CAR RACK – OUT! – Save 100s of $$$ by using the RoofPax 4+2 Car Door Frame Tie Down Hooks you can strap any mounted luggage you choose to carry on top of your car roof without any need for car rack or side rails. Whether it is a Cargo Carrier Bag, Kayak, SAP, Wind Surfer or Skies – Just quickly and easily install the hooks to the 4 car door frames and tie down securely any Car Top Cargo.
πŸš— 100% WATERPROOF SOLUTION – By securing the rooftop cargo carrier straps between the car door rubber seal gasket and the door steel frame, you can rest assured that your door waterproofing abilities will stay intact. The cargo hooks are double coated with silicon to avoid leaving marks or damaging your car’s paint.
πŸš— UNIVERSAL FIT- The RoofPax Tie Down Hooks fit MOST car models, To ensure it fits yours, please check that the rubber door seals in your car can be peeled down enough to expose the car door metal frame where the hooks should be placed.
πŸš— LIFETIME WARRANTY ON BREAKAGE OR TEAR – We, at RoofPax, manufacture our products, Like these rooftop cargo carrier straps, In the highest quality and quality assurance standards, Therefore we can grant a lifetime warranty on breakage or tear. Our customers mean the world to our family business and our support team is ready to solve any problem 24/7. Register your Warranty on the RoofPax website.


πŸš— WHY HOOKS? Use the RoofPax Hooks to strap down any Car Roof Luggage, No more straps going through the inside of the car – It is VERY dangerous and might be even illegal in some states. Whether your car is equipped with a car rack or not – You can tie down anything on your car roof with the RoofPax Hooks.

πŸš— WHAT ARE THE HOOKS USED FOR? You can use the RoofPax Hooks to strap down any car rooftop cargo or top luggage on top of your car’s roof such as;

βœ” Car Roof Bag

βœ” Car Top Cargo or Luggage

βœ” Kayak

βœ” SAP

βœ” Wind Surfer

βœ” Ski Equipment

πŸš— HOW DOES IT WORK? Most car doors have a rubber seal gasket that prevents water from entering the car, If you pull and peel down the rubber seal you will find the car door metal frame. Attaching a RoofPax Hook to the metal and pushing back the rubber seal will create a perfect strong loop outside your door that can be used for securely strapping or lashing down any car roof cargo needed to get secured on the roof of your vehicle.


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    Amazing product!

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